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Contractor's Edge Release Notes

Version 5.3.7 P7

Released August 30th, 2023

Work Orders

Program Fix - Corrected a bug with the Parts tab of the Work Order entry screen where having the "Rate Locked?" checkbox enabled would cause two error messages about having a blank part code when adding a new row. Also would cause two error messages about a missing source when using Add/Lookup to pull from inventory. The problem was it did a price/cost check before the row had fully loaded, in the case of new rows it should skip this until the code is set, and for Add/Lookup it should check once the source has filled in.

Resource Scheduling and Dispatch Tickets

Program Fix - Corrected an issue with the Equipment Pick list for adding rentals where the Equipment Type filter would re-fresh the list twice when using the mouse to select an entry, it now only refreshes the list once when a type is selected.


Program Fix - Corrected a bug introduced in 5.3.7 that caused newly added rental equipment with a count greater than 1 to still be treated as serialized equipment with a count of only 1.

Program Fix - Corrected a bug introduced with 5.3.7 that prevented the Profit & Loss reports from running.

Program Fix - Corrected a bug introduced in 5.3.7 that prevented using the "All Columns..." search option.

Program Fix - Corrected a bug with the Parts grid when editing the cost field where a markup that brought the price above $999.99 would start rounding down to the nearest dollar (eg. $1000.00 became $1.00)

Program Fix - Corrected a bug with the Rentals, Billing Status report where right-clicking a row and selecting "Create Ticket" would present an error instead of creating a new billing ticket/work order.

Program Change - Enabled the ability to import expenses into Contractor's Edge from a tab-delimited text file. This is found under Data Entry - Expenses - Contractor Miscellaneous - Import Expenses. A Caribou Representative will have to configure the import for you before you can use this feature.

Version 5.3.7

Released April 21st, 2023

Code Conversion

Program Change - We have completely overhauled many of the forms and back-end/behind the scenes code to use .Net framework. You may notice some visual differences, but we have kept everything as close to identical as possible. This allows our Emailing feature to support TLS 1.2 for eg. Along with future-proofing the code base. The main program has not yet been converted, but most of what it does has been.

Reporter Tool Overhaul

The Business Reports tool has been completely overhauled to .Net framework to remain compatible with future versions of Windows. Some highlights of this are: Replacing the report interface with a new Excel like spreadsheet interface, enabling Emailing of a report directly out of the tool (once Email settings are configured), updating the User Defined Reports wizard to allow different fonts and make it more user friendly, enabling a "drill down" right click option for any Summary Only User Defined Report you can perform on any subtotal row.

Work Orders

Program Change - Pull from PO's onto Work Tickets now only looks at Purchase Orders marked as Active.

Program Change - Greatly optimized workings of the Work Ticket Entry form by loading lists like Workers, Equipment, Pay Activities etc. only once on adding the first row. Then re-using that data for all new rows. This prevents having to query the database each time a row is added. Querying can of course be slow or fast depending on what else is going on in the database causing inconsistent performance, and especially slow performance when reports are being run. This should alleviate that.

Program Fix - Corrected issues with splitting PO items on a Work Ticket. In some cases the original PO line would show as being completely used up, even though only a portion of the items were used on a work ticket. This has been corrected.

Program Change - Updated the Fuel Surcharge feature to allow for usage on the Worker with Equipment combined hourly window. Prior to this it only applied to Non-Hourly Equipment Charges.

Resource Scheduling and Dispatch Tickets

Program Fix - When doing rental swaps on a Dispatch Ticket we have corrected a bug where a user could delete the parent record a swap was created from which would cause bugs loading the dispatch from then on. Users are no longer able to delete the parent of a swap until they delete the child swap record first.

Point of Sale

Program Fix - Fixed a bug when creating a Point of Sale ticket. When picking equipment and changing the end date to a future date it summed all values underneath that row so the top header would have its estimated charge highly inflated. Now it only sums up the individual detail rows below it that are directly related to it. Also fixed a bug where changing the end date from a real date to Open and vice versa would make the date in the Description of the equipment be incorrect.

Program Fix - Corrected an issue with Swaps on a Point of Sale ticket producing an error about the date.

Ticket Printouts

Program Change - The Work Ticket printout now has an option to include the Date Printed and the Ticket # on the bottom of each page as a footer.


Program Change - Switching Databases from the File - Database Operations - Switch Database menu item will now re-start the program connected to the new database. This re-start ensures the program is connected to the correct database with no information from the old one left in memory.

Program Change - Added an optional setting to make the Jobs selection window load empty at first until a user picks a Customer from the drop down list. Useful for users who wait for the entire Job list to load just to filter down to a specific Customer anyway. This defaults to disabled and must be enabled by a Caribou Representative.

Program Change - Corrected a bug with Employees paid on a vendor schedule that could result in duplicate entries on pay statements. This only affected employees that were set to be paid on a vendor pay period schedule.

Program Fix - Fixed an issue where minimizing an invoice, employee or vendor grid statement would cause an error ('308' Invalid property value ) and shut down the program.

Program Fix - For Vendor Statements, Employee Statements, and Invoices, AdHoc Employee Statements and AdHoc Vendor Statements: The File menu -> Print Selected, and File menu Print All will now respect the number of copies selected when choosing a printer. Prior to this fix it only worked for Print Current. As well the View Statements -> Print option will also respect the number of copies selected.

Program Change - Optimizations made to speed up loading the grid views in Contractor's Edge. For example the Equipment, Workers, Work Orders etc.

Program Change - The Job selection window when adding tickets for eg. now allows a double-click to pick a Job rather than having to highlight a row and click OK.

Program Change - Save As button in the Rate Sheet window has been renamed to "Save a Copy As" to clearly indicate it will save a new copy and not just re-name the currently edited one.

Program Fix - Corrected an issue with Job level rentals where Dispatch Tickets are NOT enabled. This configuration would cause loading Billing Tickets (A.K.A. Work Orders) to load slowly. This is corrected.

Program Change - Added a Scan button to scan bar codes in to the part purchase window accessed from Purchase Orders. It was available in other locations before but not here. It looks up your part code and fills in the information tied to it based on the bar code scanned in.

Version 5.3.3

Released December 18th, 2019

Job Wizard

Program Change - We can now enable more fields for Job Attributes on a separate step of the Job Setup Wizard. There are various text boxes, checkboxes, dates, and numeric fields available to be configured to your needs. Requires setting IS_EXTENDED_JOB_ATTRUBUTES in BASIC_SETUP to 1 by script.

Program Change - We can now set the Shop Supplies % to vary by Job.

Work Orders

Program Fix - For Single Ticket or Multi-Ticket Invoices if we zeroed out all charges on the Work Ticket(s) it would delete the Invoice. We corrected the issue where the tickets would remain pointing to the invoice # even though it no longer existed, which left them unavailable to be added to a new invoice should the user want to generate one for $0.00.

Point of Sale

There is a new Quick Sales or Point of Sale grid that works like a streamlined work ticket. It combines the Work Ticket, Dispatch Ticket, and Invoice into one. All three will have the same number when creating a ticket in this area. Documentation is needed.

Ticket Printouts

Program Change - We can configure the grid based single-ticket invoice to show both the start date and the end date of the work order it is for.


Program Change - We can now set a custom Email delimiter to separate the email addresses when we have multiple contacts on a ticket. This has to be done through a query: INSERT INTO BASIC_SETUP (CODE, DBVALUE) VALUES ('EMAIL_DELIMITER', ',') which allows us to set the delimiter to a comma for email service providers that require it instead of a semi-colon which was our default.

Version 5.3.2

Released October 24th, 2018

Dispatch Tickets

Program Change - There is now a feature for tracking Equipment Rental Units that need to be serviced after each Job before going out on another. We turn this on for specific equipment types, so all units of that type will have the same functionality. But then units of a different type may not require this functionality. When updating the End Date of a rental, or closing a dispatch ticket off, it will set these units Needs Service? flag to true. When looking on the Equipment Current Jobs report, or in the rental pick list, you will see these unit rows in bright yellow as a warning they require service. This will also set a date field telling us the "Out of Service Date" as of that end date. A mechanic would then service the unit, and when this is done you would go into the equipment grid (or Equipment Current Jobs report) and UNCHECK the "Needs Service?" checkbox. This will put the unit back into service and update the "In Service Date" = today. Out of Service and In Service Dates can be manually overwritten. They will default to the end date of the rental for out of service. And default to the day the Needs Service checkbox was unchecked for in service. The Needs Service? checkbox is visible directly in the Dispatch Entry window for each rental row in case you need to manually Un-Check that box for whatever reason, then when saving the ticket the unit will NOT be marked as needing service.

Program Change – When using the equipment Auto-Service feature it is no longer possible to change the "Needs Service" checkbox from the Dispatch Ticket. It can only be changed by a user in the Equipment grid.

Program Change - Rentals on Dispatch Tickets may now overlap on the same day to allow for the scenario where a unit comes back in the AM and is rented out again that same day. (Or perhaps units that go out and come back multiple times in a day).

Program Fix - Swaps on a Dispatch Ticket would set the replacement equipment unit's Yard equal to the Yard of the unit it was replacing. This is corrected.

Program Change - Added an option for Dispatch Ticket Emailing to use the Worker's Email addresses, or the Contact's Email Address, or prompt each time. This allows us to configure Dispatch Tickets to be sent to the workers scheduled on it, or the header contacts.

Work Orders

Program Change - The Work Ticket grid now has an Un-Approve button at the bottom next to Add/Copy/Delete etc. It will Un-Approve any highlighted tickets IF they are not on an invoice that has been posted to an accounting system. You can Ctrl+Click the row numbers to highlight multiple rows and then click Un-Approve to unapprove them all.

Program Change - The Budget Meter on the Work Ticket entry screen for the Job Budget will now respect the decimal places set in configuration. Ie. The part showing $0.00/$0.00.

Program Fix - Edits to a Billing Ticket that was created from a Dispatch ticket will now save even if the Dispatch Ticket is now set to closed.

Program Change - We can configure the Rate Lock feature of the ticket entry window so it automatically checks the "Rate Locked" column when moving off the current row. This allows rates to be locked when they are set to prevent editing the ticket later from making changes to the rates. By default the "Rate Locked" checkbox must be checked by a user manually.

Program Change - The Work Order entry form (billing tickets) will now be color coded based on the See Manager or Credit Card Required fields the same way the Dispatch Ticket is.

Jobs & Customers

Program Change - De-Activating or Activating Customers or Jobs in the Customers = Jobs world will now duplicate that change in both places. Ie. if I de-activate the customer it de-activates the job, if I de-activate the job it de-activates the customer and the same for activations.

Program Change - In a Jobs = Customer setup, edits to the Customer grid, if already named identical to the associated Job, will cascade to the Job Code, Name, and Description columns. The way this works is the Customer Code is cascaded to the Job Code and the Customer Description is cascaded to the Job Name and Job Description columns. In addition edits to the Job grid will cascade to the Customers grid, but only if they are already named identical to begin with. The way this works is the Job Code is cascaded to the Customer Code and the Job Name is cascaded to the Customer Description. The prompt yes/no for cascading changes made from the Customer step of the Job Wizard still works as it did before, you can choose yes to cascade the changes to the Job Code, Name, and Description. Or you can choose no and the edit will not cascade.

Jobs & Yards

Program Fix - The Transfer Equipment window when right clicking a Job and choosing to transfer equipment will no longer allow you to move units to the "NONE" or blank Job by accident.

Program Fix - Editing a Job via the Job Wizard will no longer cut off the Contact Email Address if configured to handle more than 50 characters for the Email. This corrects a problem where longer Emails could be added from editing the contact on a Dispatch Ticket but then a Job Wizard edit would cut the Email off.

Program Change - The Rental Rates step of the Job wizard has had the "Transfer" button removed. To transfer a rental from a Job you must right click the Job row and select the Transfer Equipment option.

Ticket Printouts

Program Fix - Corrected an issue where grid Ticket printout would print the DESCRIPTION and COMMENTS field when set to COMMENTS only. This lead to a description appearing to print even if the COMMENTS were left blank.

Vendor & Employee Statements

Program Change - When viewing Employee and Vendor Statements we can now print the grid version for only chosen payees. By going to File -> Print Selected we can choose which payees to print. We could already do this with the custom Crystal version of these statements, but not the grid.

Purchase Orders

Program Fix - If a Purchase Order was set as Void by accident there was no way to un-check the Void checkbox and reverse this. This has been corrected.

Quickbooks Integration

Program Change - Updated Quickbooks integration (revenue and expense posting) to work with version 5.3.2 of Contractor's Edge. Tested with Quickbooks 2018.

Parts & Inventory

Program Change - In the Parts Inventory grid the Add button will now open the Buy Parts window so you can buy more parts into inventory. The Copy button has been disabled as it served no purpose.


Program Change - We have modified how cascading of the CODE column to the DESCRIPTION column works on grids/tables where this is applicable. Now all tables should default to setting the DESCRIPTION column exactly equal to the CODE column when you tab out of the CODE column, capitalization included. There are options to set this as Title Case so a CODE = "THIS is a CODE'" would cascade as "This Is A Code" (this was the old behaviour), or leave it as equivalent so a CODE = "THIS is a CODE" would cascade as "THIS is a CODE" exactly. We can also, if desired, force the CODE column to be in all capitals and/or prevent it from accepting spaces. Both these options are OFF by default.

Program Fix - Corrected an error where changing the show-inactive flag for a grid while the top row drop down filter is open would cause the first row of data to be updated with invalid data.

Program Fix - We have endeavoured to make the "Medium" and "Larger" font size settings work without errors on Amazon (Windows Server 2008) environments. There are still known issues with Windows 10 using the manual percentage setting where you can type in for eg 119% as opposed to using fixed (125% and 150%) settings.

Version 5.2.1

Released October 17th, 2017

Dispatch Tickets

Program Fix - Corrected an issue where Printing/Previewing or Emailing a Dispatch Ticket would cause the parts tab to have costs changed to extremely high values. The printout itself contained the correct price values. But if you saved the dispatch ticket (instead of cancelling) after closing the printout it would then save these erroneous values to the system. This no longer occurs.

Program Fix - Corrected an issue where the Pick button on the Rentals tab of a dispatch would cause an error.

Program Change - To speed up the process of creating billing tickets for dispatch ticket users we have added the option to right click a dispatch ticket row and select the "Create Ticket" option. This opens an Add Ticket window just as if you had done so from the ticket grid and chose your dispatch ticket.

Work Orders

Program Fix - Corrected an issue where the drop down selection for Parts would get cut off when at the bottom of the grid whilst adding Parts to a Work Order. This drop down will now drop upward when near the bottom.

Program Change - Added the option to turn on a markup column on the Parts tab of the Work Order, it allows us to set the markup differently for each individual row of parts on a Work Order. A wiki document on this feature resides here:

Rate Sheets

Program Fix - Corrected an issue where editing a Rate Sheet would not properly load the Add, Copy, and Delete buttons for the Equipment Rentals tab.

Purchase Orders

Program Fix - Updated the Purchase Orders form to allow an Alt+C shortcut to copy a row from any position on that row, you no longer have to click the line number to highlight the whole thing before Alt+C works. In addition after an Alt+C the program selects the first cell of that newly copied row so you can just start typing or tab over to the next cell without having to click into it first.

Program Fix - In the Purchase Order edit window we have modified how the Miscellaneous Expenses total row works. This is the row that appears below all the individual line items that have been added, it has a total amount, total tax, and final total. Prior to this change it could differ from the header level amount and total due to rounding differences.

Job Wizard

Program Change - We have modified the Job Wizard for when Customers = Jobs is turned on. In this world we have a 1:1 ratio between Customers and Jobs by default and so have made the Customer Information the first step of the wizard when editing a Job. If the Customer Name or Description is updated on this step when you click next then it will prompt us to cascade this change to the Job name and Description. This means you only have the edit the Customer name on step one and say yes to the prompt in order to keep the Job and Customer names synchronized. You can say no to the prompt if you really intend to have the Customer Name different than the Job name.

Program Change - When Dispatch Tickets are turned on the rental step of the Job Setup Wizard is suppressed so the form loads faster. Rentals are configured on the Dispatch Tickets.

Contacts & Job Contacts

Program Change - We have updated the optional contact sync functionality so that edits to a contact on a job will cascade to all the other jobs that contact was used on as well as the master list. This gives us a 1:1 relationship between Job contact information and the master list contact. With sync turned off we can have one contact on the master list shared with many jobs where their contact info is different on each job. Edits to a contact on one job do not get reflected on the other jobs or the master list. Ie. contacts are job specific. With sync turned on the master list contact info will be the same on all the jobs, any edits made to a contact on a job will be reflected on all jobs. Ie. contacts are NOT job specific. And if you needed specific contact information on each job you would need one contact for each job, even if they are technically the same person.

Remote Tickets

Program Change - Modified Remote Ticket import so the first active cell is the last column, this allows you to click the Rate Lock column WITHOUT it triggering an update of the activity in cases where the activity would change. The activity only gets updated when tabbing through, or clicking into/out of, the worker cell - if the activity currently selected is NOT a default and is NOT an eligible activity, it will update to the worker's default activity. This only occurs if Rate Lock is unchecked for the row.

Ticket and Invoice Printouts

Program Change - With our standard configurable work ticket and single ticket invoice printouts we have implemented logic around printing the description when set to print again on each page. If printing the description will take up 50% or more of the remaining space available on each page then we do NOT print it on every subsequent page of the ticket and it only shows on the first page. This prevents a situation where the description takes up most of each page and it requires more pages (paper) to print the whole ticket as it can only fit a few detail line items on each page.


Program Fix - We can now run regular reports that happen to use a Crystal report from the favourites menu, prior to this fix they would only run from the HarvestReporter tool.

Simply Integration

Program Change - Simply Integration has been updated in version 5.2.1 to allow for marking invoices as posted manually if they already exist in SAGE. This is for the scenario where edits have been made manually to the SAGE invoice already, and rather than voiding and re-posting from CE you just want to mark the invoice in CE as posted. We recommend you void the invoice in SAGE then re-post from CE if there are any changes, but this is not always possible if the SAGE invoice has already been edited. Now when you click Post for an invoice if it already exists in SAGE it will prompt you to mark as posted or cancel.

Program Change - For users with SAGE Simply Accounting integration we now have the ability to mark $0 invoices as Posted in Contractor's Edge. This doesn't add an entry into SAGE, just sets the invoice in Contractor's Edge to show as posted. If you wish to do this just select your invoice and click the Post button as you usually would, it will mark it as posted. You can un-post it by clicking the Post button again.

Quickbooks Integration

Program Change - Updated Quickbooks integration (revenue and expense posting) to work with version 5.2.1 of Contractor's Edge.


Program Change - The Contractor's Edge now allows work ticket only users to be set up, without enabling the regular security feature, in such a way that they can only see tickets that they entered or tickets that someone else created that contain hours for them on the HOURLY WORKER tab. There are three work ticket user "permission levels" in this new feature, each with specific functionality restrictions. See below for details. The new permission levels can also be in conjunction with our regular security feature for work ticket entry only users. Companies who use our broader security settings, but want at least some of their ticket-entry only users to only be able to see (and edit) tickets that they created or that they are on, may benefit from this feature. Permission 9: Allows the user to see (and edit) tickets they have created, to see all tickets in their division (C_Part_11) but not see tickets in other divisions. They have approving (but NOT general editing) privileges for other tickets in their division. They should be able to see tickets outside their division IF they either created the ticket or if their name had an hourly time entry on the ticket. They may click "Submitted," "Invoiced," "Customer Approved," or "Approved" on work tickets they have created. They can only click "Approved" on (but not make other edits to) tickets in their division. C_Part_11 is an attribute on the Employees table, and it is also an attribute on the job. These users should not be able to delete tickets unless they are configured otherwise to have permission to delete tickets. Permison 10: Allows the user to see tickets they have created, or tickets with their name in hourly labour. They can also edit those tickets. They can also add tickets of course. They may click "Submitted," "Invoiced," and "Customer Approved" but they can't Approve a work ticket. If Division is enabled, they should only be able to see tickets they are on that are IN his division. If parts are enabled, BOTH costs and charge-out prices are visible to them in the ticket. Permison 11: Same permission level as permission 10, with two added restrictions: 1) they can only edit tickets they created, but cannot edit tickets where someone else created the ticket but they are ON the ticket; 2) the added restriction that only parts charge-out prices are visible; the part costs are not shown to these users.

Version 5.2.0

Released March 15th, 2017

Rate Sheets

Program Change - Updated Rate Sheets to handle loading more rows (1000+ rows confirmed functional).

Work Orders

Program Fix - Corrected a change that made the enter key on the Ticket Entry screen only create a new line when on the last tab of the current line. Now the enter key will again create a new row regardless of the current cell you are in.

Program Change - Work Tickets are locked down after the Invoice they are associated with is Posted to an accounting system. Prior to this fix you could still save locked tickets by using the File -> Save Ticket menu. This option will now be correctly locked down when a ticket is on a posted invoice.

Program Fix - Corrected an issue with locked Work Orders after Posting to SAGE Simply Accounting. After un-posting, un-approving, re-approving and re-posting using the Get button: the ticket would not be locked and could allow for a final save. This would overwrite the account codes used for posting and cause the Mapped Revenue Report to inaccurately show internal "NONE", "Misc Parts" or "Misc Inc" accounts. This has been corrected and the ticket will be locked after Posting a corrected ticket.


Program Change - We have modified how User Defined Reports operate in terms of Summary and Detail versions of reports. Now when run in Detail Mode (Ie. the summary only box is UNCHECKED) we will get two tabs for the report. The main tab will be the Detail report. And if we click the Summary tab we can see the summary version. Otherwise if we run the report with Summary Only checked then we will only get the Summary tab. We have also added the option to include breakdowns of subtotals in the Summary tab by any of the chosen groupers. Eg. We have the main set of data bring back some information by Block, and Destination. But at the end of the report right after the grand total we want a summary that tells us just our totals for each Destination regardless of the block - we can now do that.

Program Change - We have added the ability to freeze certain columns in place when scrolling for User Defined Reports. That way they are always visible. Please ask a Caribou representative if you have any reports you'd like this enabled on.

Program Change - We have added the option to include a "find" box for any filters on User Defined Reports. For example on a report that used to provide only a pick list for the Job, you could enable this find box and be able to type in all or a portion of the job name with wildcarding in order to find it in the pick list. You may use a % sign wildcard at the beginning only, not the end, to filter for a specific string of text regardless of what comes prior to it.

Program Fix - Resolved an error that would prevent the Date Range from being included on User Defined Reports when run in Summary mode. Now if the date range you filtered for is configured to be printed at the end of the report it will do so in both Detail AND Summary mode.

Version 5.1.5

Released November 17th, 2016

Work Orders

Program Fix - Simply Accounting Integration users who use the Get button to generate invoices will no longer be able to edit the Work Ticket after POSTING from the Get button invoice preview. As soon as the invoice is posted from the Get button preview it will save and lock the Work Ticket. When the invoice window closes you will notice you can only "Cancel" out of the Work Ticket. This prevents an issue causing the Mapped Revenue Report to show invoices as unposted when they were in fact correctly posted to the SAGE database.

Program Change - For those using the Simply Accounting Integration module, if a Work Ticket belongs to an Invoice that has been posted to SAGE Simply Accounting then the entire row for that ticket will be locked from edit in the Work Orders grid as well.


Program Change - When creating an invoice through "Invoice Central" aka. the invoices grid we are prompted with a popup to choose one or more tickets for the invoice. This screen now shows the Ticket Amount as a column to help identify tickets.

Program Change - We have added the ability to configure the Invoices grid to show additional header data from the Job the invoice belongs to. This way you can see and sort by these fields in the grid. Please contact a Caribou Representative to configure this if you desire extra information in your Invoices grid.

Dispatch Tickets

Program Fix - Clicking the Email button from the Dispatch Ticket entry screen will now correctly load the Crystal Report printout if one is set. If one is not set it will use our default printout.

Purchase Orders

Program Fix - Posting some of the Expenses from a Purchase Order will no longer lock the whole PO so the remaining unposted items can still be edited

Ticket and Invoice Printouts

Program Change - Our standard Work Order and Invoice printouts have been updated with the ability to show the Dispatch Ticket number on them. This also applies to Multi-Ticket invoices, where the dispatch code can be shown as a column for each ticket on the invoice.

Data Grids

Program Change - "Created By" and "Last Edited By" columns can enabled on more grids. These grids are: Jobs, Invoices, Time Details/Time Slips, Part Purchase Orders, and Rate Sheets. This will show the employee code that created the item in the first place, and the last employee to edit it.

Program Change - We have added an "...All Columns" option to the Search By field on the bottom left of grid views. This will search all text columns for our chosen string. It will not look at dates or numerical values. Wildcarding works like usual by adding % signs before and/or after your text.

Program Enhancement - When opening a record from a grid that has multiple pages navigated via the top right of the grid, it will now retain the page number you were on upon saving or cancelling the edit of that item or upon adding a new record.

Version 5.1.4

Released September 27th, 2016

Work Tickets

Program Fix - Can now fully edit Third Party rows on a Work Ticket that were pulled from a Dispatch Ticket.

Program Change - Serialized parts will be marked as inactive automatically when used on a Work Ticket.

Program Change - Choosing to "Close Dispatch Ticket" from the current Work Ticket will automatically update the Equipment Rentals for that ticket. This is to account for the special 4-WEEK rental basis and the extra week/extra day charges calculated for it at the end of a rental.

Program Change - Bill? flag for Third Party line items on a Work Ticket can now be placed as any column number. Prior to this change it was mandatory to have it as column 1 for it to function.

Program Fix - Corrected an issue that locked editing of Third Party entries on remote tickets imported through the web ticket feature.

Dispatch Tickets

Program Change - Users with Super Admin priviledges can see the Red Flag column on the Customers table. They may flag customers that may be a problem for billing. When you create a Dispatch Ticket for these customers the background will appear in red to make it obvious they are red flagged. Any user who is NOT a super admin will not be able to save Dispatch Tickets for customers that are red flagged.

Program Change - Can no longer save Dispatch Tickets if any RENTAL line item has dates outside the header date range.

Program Fix - Corrected various issues with adding parts to a Dispatch ticket: Including correcting a type mismatch error when looking up parts. Sale prices now saving correctly. And the cost column for parts will be hidden if the current user does not have security permissions to access the parts list in the system.

Program Fix - Third Party items pulled onto a Work Ticket when created from a Dispatch Ticket are no longer locked down and can be edited.

Purchase Orders

Program Change - Changing the Job on the header of a Purchase Order will cascade the Job change only to the line items not yet used on a Work Ticket. Items already used will remain tagged belonging to the Job for the Ticket they are on.

New Feature - When you are putting parts on a PO, there is a selection you can make for assigning the part to either the inventory, a job, or an equipment unit. Now, whatever you used for your previous selection will be selected by default, the next time you put a part on a PO.


Program Change - Option to turn on synchronizing the master contact list with the job contacts list. When turned on edits to the master list of contacts (one row per unique contact name) will prompt the user to cascade to the job list of contacts (one row per unique contact name/job combination). We may also edit the contact name on an individual Job and choose to cascade this change to the master list - thus updating the name on ALL the Jobs this contact is used for.

Program Fix - Corrected an error when choosing the "What's In Yard" option from the Job grid.

Rentals System

Program Change - We have made some changes to facilitate walk-in rentals. From the Equipment grid we can select/highlight equipment rows, right click somewhere on the row numbers, and then choose "Create New Dispatch Ticket" to create a dispatch with the selected items already on it.

From the Rental Availability Report we can select/highlight multiple rows and click the "Select" button in the top right corner to create a dispatch ticket with those items already on it.

The menu under Data Entry - Work Orders now has an option called "Create From Dispatch Ticket" which will allow you to bar-code scan a Dispatch Ticket, it will look up that Dispatch ticket in the system and create a Work Order for it.

New option to have the Dispatch Ticket description auto-fill onto the Work Order created from it.

Ticket and Invoice Printouts

Program Change - Option to show Shop Supplies as an additional Third Party Charges row for our standard Ticket and Invoice printouts. This will include the Shop Supplies in with the Third Party total. If this is turned off, Shop Supplies will only show up as its own Shop Supplies total for the printout. We can have it in one spot or the other, not both.

Profit and Loss Reports

Program Change - Updated the P&L Detailed, By Ticket report and the P&L Preview from a Work Ticket to include payroll travel hours too, even if the chargeable travel hours is 0. This is to ensure costs are tracked accurately.

Version 5.1.0

Released January 20th, 2016


Program Fix - The Job Setup Wizard will now use the configured name for your Job type (ie. They could be referred to as "Jobs", or as "Projects" etc.)

Program Change - The Job Management grid can now be configured to include additional fields that had formerly only been included in the Job Setup wizard. Fields included in the Job Management Grid can be edited within the grid and used for looking up Specific Jobs.

Program Change - We can enable a new "Fixed Fee" flag on the Job wizard. When a Job is flagged as being fixed fee all tickets created for that job will be flagged as having No Revenue by default.

New Feature - We have added the option to use multiple tax codes at the Job level. This is to accommodate work in multiple provinces. It can be enabled for up to two of the tax options on the Job - turning them into drop down selectors on the Job Setup Wizard. When enabled there is a new grid under Setup - Accounting - Sales Tax Codes where we will declare the code, description, and rate for each tax in this grid. You may activate/deactivate tax codes as necessary. When adding/editing a Job there will now be drop down options for your chosen tax fields in addition to the checkbox to apply them. All Work Tickets on the Job will use the tax rate configured for the chosen tax codes.
To summarize: The Job will still only have up to a maximum of three tax options (One hard-coded to always be GST), but we can choose the tax code and rate for two of those tax options, from the grid of sales tax codes.

Program Fix - Deleting Jobs from the Job grid will no longer give an error "rows cannot be located for updating."


New Feature - Added the ability to configure the columns used for grouping in the "Tree View" to the left of standard grids. The grids for Load Slips, Time Slips, Miscellaneous Expenses, and selected other grids all have a "Tree View" on the left portion of the screen. The "Group By " drop down in the top left of these screens allows users to filter the list on the right based on the "Group By" Selection on the left of the screen. Prior to version 5.1, these "groupers" were not configurable, but we have made them configurable as of version 5.1 So, if it would be handy to have different fields available by which to "group" your data (for example, maybe you want to filter your loads by driver in addition to truck, but historically only truck has been an option), contact a Caribou representative. You can learn more about this feature in this article:

Program Change - There has been a change to the way we can enter overtime rules to make the program more flexible. We can now set distinct rules for OT, DB, and DOT for both Saturday and Sunday that can differ from the rest of the week should we choose to. If you use the new feature, you MUST leave Saturday and Sunday factors set at 1. You could also, for example, accomplish having all hours on Sunday be Doubletime by setting the factor to 2 and not making use of the new feature.

Work Tickets

Program Change - We have added a prompt to include all the documents in the Work Ticket documents folder when Emailing a Work Ticket.

Purchase Orders

Program Fix - Pulling items from a PO onto a Work Ticket will now correctly carry over the tax from the Purchase Order items regardless of the tax settings for the current ticket's Job. This only affects the costing side of the program, the Work Ticket will still charge/bill based on the Job settings for tax. This allows you to purchase a part or miscellaneous expense item with tax, and keep track of that tax for posting expenses to your accounting system, but charge the part out on a Job without tax.

Program Change - Changing the tax settings at the header level of a Purchase Order will cascade that change to all line items on the Purchase Order. Checking the apply tax box will re-calculate the tax for each line item. Un-checking the apply tax box will remove the tax from each line item.

Program Change - When a Work Ticket contains a Miscellaneous Expense that was pulled from a Purchase Order and that Work Ticket is then deleted it will set the Miscellaneous Expense item's entry date back to 1/1/1900 so it does not show up on P&L reports, and so that it shows as "not used" on the PO itself.


Program Fix - Updating the Invoice Number field of an invoice will now propagate that change to the Invoice Number field on the Work Tickets tied to that Invoice.


Program Change - Standard Work Ticket and Invoice Printouts (known as Printout 100) can now handle showing the Comments and Description from a Work Ticket at the header of the printout simultaneously. Prior to version 5.1 we could only show one or the other.

Resource Scheduling/Dispatch Tickets

Program Change - When pulling items from a Dispatch Ticket onto a Work Ticket it will now check the date range of the work ticket before pulling miscellaneous expenses/third party charges. It will only pull third party items from the Dispatch if they fall within the date range of the Work Ticket.

Program Change - Equipment pick list as accessed from the rental tab of Dispatch Tickets and the Job Wizard has been sped up.

Version 5.0.4

Released June 26, 2015


Program Change - The Workers and Equipment on Tickets report under the Reports > Resources menu item now has a filter for Equipment Type at the top of the report. In addition there are two new check boxes, one to include Non-Hourly Labour items and one to include Non-Hour Equipment items.

Program Change - Equipment Type Filter is now on the General Availability Report (far right icon) at the top of the report. The filter appears on all three tabs of the report but is only relevant for the middle "Equipment" tab. This feature is especially nice for users with lots and lots of equipment, and especially so for rental companies who have a combination of rental units (whose availability is NOT indicated by this report, but rather in the rental availability report) and equipment that is used hourly. The filter allows them to quickly limit the list to just equipment that they know they assign by the hour or by the day (or other basis) based on information entered in the dispatch ticket.

Program Fix - Equipment Cash Flow report now correctly brings back production details and time details records.

Work Tickets

Program Change - New "Rate Locked?" field available to add to any field on the work ticket (Hourly, Non-hourly, Vendors, etc.) which will lock an edited rate so that when we refresh rates they will not revert back to the standard that is in the rate sheet for example.

Program Change - The Job Budget feature on the Work Ticket will now correctly display based on the ticket's No Revenue? flag. (No revenue flag is generally used on work for "bid" jobs rather than jobs charged out for time and materials.) The Job Budget now shows the total for non-revenue tickets when in a ticket that is flagged as No Revenue, so you can see the value of the time and materials you have used on relative to the budget on bid jobs. When in a ticket that is truly billed out based on time and materials, it will show the total for all tickets NOT tagged as No Revenue, so you can see the percent you have billed out to date on actual jobs.

Program Change - Work Tickets, Template Tickets, and Quote Tickets are now flagged as locked for editing when a user begins editing them so no other users can enter the same ticket while someone else has it open. This can be overriden by a super user in the event the editing user leaves the program abnormally and the ticket is erroneously reported as locked for editing.

Program Change - Entering an invalid Work Ticket Start Date or End Date will now cause an error message to promt the user to fix it.

Program Change - We now have the ability to push the Hourly activity down to the non-hourly section of the ticket entry screen using PROD_UNITS 1 to 5. To configure this we will need to go to the Setup Hourly Work Ticket Columns and set up one of the PROD_UNITS and then make corresponding changes to the Worker to reimburse table and set the Activity to NONE and we can set the pay basis in this table as well. This feature works with Data types 1 (numerical value) and 3 (check box). Wiki location:

Program Change - When entering Work Tickets any dates that are holidays will show up as aquamarine highlighted cells. Holidays are configured under the Setup -> Holidays menu item.

Program Fix - Update Work Ticket entry screen so the default column on the next row will be the first column of the ticket when we hit enter to add a new line


Program Change - We can now see more Ticket Header level items, and Job Attribute items that are enabled in the database when we are creating invoices and using P&L reports by ticket. These are often used for things like LSD, PO#, AFE etc.

Program Change - When creating new invoices, or choosing tickets for detailed P&L reports we now have "Find" search box where we can look up the Job by its Code

Program Change - The COMMENTS field from the Work Ticket, ie. the long description, can now be used on Multi-Ticket Invoices. However line spacing, ie. the enter key, will not be retained. All text will show as being on a single line.

Program Change - Users can no longer use the Add/Create Invoice screen from the invoices grid at the same time. This is to prevent users creating duplicate invoices for the same tickets. There is a prompt to warn you there are other users in the system when you try to create an invoice. You may clear the lock if you have determined they left the system abnormally and it is falsely reporting that they are still using the Add/Create Invoice screen.

Program Fix - Choosing to print multiple copies of a Crystal Invoice will now print the number of copies indicated.

Program Change - The standard work ticket and invoice printout ("Printout 100") can now be configured so that the two digit (banker's rounded) displayed value on each line item of the ticket can be summed (at the two-digit level) to arrive at the pretax grand total of the ticket so that a person using a calculator to add the individual 2-digit line items will arrive at the displayed pre-tax total. This DISPLAYED figure on the printout may not match the STORED value in Contractor's Edge for that ticket because Contractor's Edge stores the full precision details for each line item, and then sums those (and banker's rounds that sum for display in the software interface). This checkbox can be found in the Work Ticket and Invoice configuration and is called "Use Alternate Rounding."


Program Change - You can no longer set the end date of a Job to be prior to any tickets for that Job. You must make sure you have no tickets with dates after the end date you are trying to set. This rule applies when closing a Job as well.

Program Change - Emailing Work Tickets will now prompt to send to Contact on the ticket or all Contacts on the Job.

Program Fix - We can now open a "Job Sheet" from within a work ticket entry by first navigating to the Job Wizard and then selecting Options > Job Sheet and it will be in a view able format.

Program Change - You can now set the default Job Type Code for use in the Job Wizard. Set JOB_TYPE_CODE field in EDIT_DATA_SETUP for the BLOCKS table and the Job Wizard will use it.

Data Entry

Program Change - We are now able to use our mouse to select pick list items when entering data and once data has been selected (double clicked) we can continue tabbing over to the next cell in our data entry row we were previously working in.

Program Fix - Pay Activities in the Worker/Employee Default Activities grid will now filter out activities not tagged as being applicable to labour.

Program Fix - Deleting rows after applying a sort will now delete the correct records.

Program Fix - If we assign parts to a template or quote we are now able to edit the part line on the work ticket created from the template/quote if we desire.

Program Fix - Fixed System Config so it no longer resets the order of display for the Description tab on the Work Ticket entry screen.

Program Change - When we activate the Pct_Month basis for a customer, we can either leave the CODE to be Pct_Month OR we can call the code "Mth". Either one will work and will invoke the "Pct_Month" logic. Note that the Code must be spelled and capitalized exactly as noted here. No other spellings will work.

Rate Sheets

Program Change - When entering in items in our Rate Sheets if we click the add button the program will now bring us to the bottom of the Rate Sheet where the new line has been created for ease of entry of new records.

Program Change - Modified shortcut keys in Rate Sheet entry screen so Alt+C is copy, and Cancel no longer has a short-cut.

Accounting Integration

Program Change - We can now post "Credits" to QuickBooks by posting items in Contractor's Edge with a negative value that will show up in QuickBooks as a credit transaction. Program Fix - We can now also post to Vendor's with quotes (') in their name.

Program Fix - Copying a Work Ticket with expenses that have been posted to an accounting system will no longer create the copy with its expenses marked as already being posted when in fact they are not.

Resource Scheduling/Dispatch Tickets

Program Change - When resource scheduling is enabled on the Job you can pull scheduled workers and equipment from the Job into the Work Ticket entry screen.

Program Fix - When Resource Scheduling is enabled at the Job level and Dispatch Tickets are NOT turned on there is no longer a column for "Dispatch Ticket #" on the resource scheduling tabs of the Job Setup Wizard.

Program Change - When copying a dispatch ticket to create a new one, there is now an "Exclude Rentals Ending Prior To" date field. This new field allows users to carryover rental rows that are the more recent ones. This feature is especially useful if you have multiple units that originally went out to the job site and are still out there, with the exception of certain types of units such as garbage bins that are constantly being swapped in and out.

Program Change - Save/New on a Dispatch Ticket will clear all the detail rows but still keep the headers that are set to be kept on a copy.

Program Fix - When a Dispatch Ticket is closed it can no longer be edited. Program Change - Cannot create billing tickets off of a closed dispatch ticket. The flag to close a dispatch ticket is available in the dispatch ticket grid now as well.

Program Change - When creating a dispatch ticket, clicking the "Email" button from this screen prompts user with "Include: PDF, Text, or Both" dialogue now whether they have a crystal dispatch ticket enabled or the standard format.

Program Change - When working with Dispatch Tickets, if we choose to use the "Pick" button we will no longer see in-active equipment units. However, We will see equipment units with inactive "Equipment Types."

Program Change - There is now the ability to right click on a dispatch ticket in the dispatch grid. The right click option is to "End Dispatch Ticket." When the user uses this new feature, they will be prompted with a grid that looks similar to the transfer equipment window with a date selection at the top, and a Yard selection box also at the top. Each rental item that is still out on rent for this dispatch ticket will appear in a grid with the yard from which the equipment unit was initially taken. The user can either leave that original yard as is (so that the unit gets returned to there now that the job is done) OR they can select a different return yard. If they want to return all rows to a different yard, they can pick the new yard at the TOP of the form and then "cascade" that selection down to all rows in the grid. There is also a checkbox to allow you to "close" a Dispatch Ticket in this form. The act of closing it will lock the ticket from editing AND the dispatch ticket will not appear in the dialog selection box for creating a billing ticket from that dispatch ticket. Even if the user types in the exact dispatch ticket number in that dialog box, the closed dispatch ticket will not appear. So the dispatcher needs to be very sure that all billing is complete before he checks the Closed flag on the dispatch ticket.

Program Change - The LSD_1 and LSD_2 fields on a Work Ticket can now cascade the directions from the Job or the Dispatch ticket. When using the ADD NEW option for LSD_1 or LSD_2 on a Work Ticket you will now be prompted with the large directions text box to enter detailed directions. These directions will be saved with the LSD, and you can cascade them to the directions field on your current ticket.

Version 5.0.1

Released Januray 23, 2015


Program Change - New System Configuration item under Work tickets tab for "Approving Tickets when Invoiced" which will automatically approve any tickets that we put on an invoice through invoice central


Program Change - We now have separate security functions for approving and unapproving tickets so if we wish we could have users able to approve but not un-approve and vice versa.


Program Change - New cool search feature added to the split view grids in the software in Contractor's Edge (e.g. work ticket grid, employee grid, Pay activities grid etc.) We are now able to search for any column on any table using a new drop down and text box fields where historically we could look up reference or paper ticket numbers.

Program Fix - The system worker code of "DRIVER" no longer appears as selectable in equipment scheduling or dispatch entry "Pick" menu's.

Program Change - We now have the ability to email the "Job Sheet" to the workers assigned to the job when Resource Scheduling is used at the job level (email addressess are pulled from Employee table). Likewise, dispatch sheets can be emailed in a similar fashion if scheduling is done through dispatch tickets


Program Change - From within the job setup wizard, users can click the new "Save As" button on the Rate sheets screen to quickly save a copy of an existing Rate sheet under a new name.

Program Change – New functionality to Availability screen. Depending on if we have Dispatch tickets enabled or if we do our Resource scheduling at the job level, our availability screen now has the functionality to bring us to either the Dispatch Ticket or the Job where the resource has been scheduling if we click a cell on the availability report where we have something scheduled (will have job name with pink coloration in cell). This functionality is now present on the following reports: Main Availability Button (Home Screen), Reports > Resources > Scheduled/Available, Reports > Resources > Workers & Equipment on tickets, Reports > Rentals > Rentals, Scheduling

Program Change - User can now track a single contact for a given Job and remove the contact field from the Daily Work Order

Program Fix - We are now able to use the "Last Ticket/Close Job" flag on a Daily Work Order to automatically set the end date and close the job if we only have 1 date field on the work ticket (historically only worked with start and end date enabled on the ticket)

Program Change - We now have the ability to change the Customer of a Job even if there are tickets assigned to that job and this will cascade the changes to all tickets assigned to the job as well

Program Change - The job auto-naming feature now supports a name that is strictly a unique sequential number, as well as a unique number at the beginning of the job name, followed by other job attributes (such as Customer Code). (The system has always supported the sequential number at the END of the job name.)

Daily Work Tickets

Program Change - If we have only one "true" value for any J_Spec_Part fields (i.e., a value other than "-"), that value will now automatically be loadded on the daily work ticket header

New Feature - Hours for Employee and Contractors that are entered as actual time sheets and recorded against a job for payroll purposes can later be imported onto a work ticket (without re-keying) for billing purposes. This may be useful when the paperwork from the field is an actual time sheet rather than a daily work ticket.


Program Change - There is a new pay basis called 4-Week, which must be activated. This new pay basis will work in conjunction with the WEEK basis and the XTRA DAY basis. The basis will ONLY work in the context of rate sheets; the rate cannot be manually entered into a dispatch ticket (or into the job setup, for users that do not use dispatch tickets.) The reason is that the software will not allow you to have two rows with the same effective date for the same equipment unit in the dispatch ticket (or job setup wizard). The logic for this new pay basis is as follows: The users will set up a WEEK Rate with the extra day rate for the specific equipment unit (or the equipment type) with the respective weekly rate and extra day rate in one row of the rate sheet. They will then enter a second row in the rate sheet with a 4-WEEK basis. The idea is that if the rental is out for a ful four weeks and you are creating a work ticket that encompasses four weeks, the 4-week rate (which presumably is less than 4 x the weekly rate) will be invoked. If the user tries to create a work ticket for the rental that spans less than 4 weeks, and the rental end date is still "Open" the software will not create a row for that equipment in the billing ticket (work ticket). If the rental end date is within the date range of the work ticket (so is no longer open, but has an actual end date), then the following rules prevail: If the rental is out for less than a week, then calculate the extra day rate and compare that to the week rate. Use the LOWER of the two results on the billing ticket. If the rental is out for less than 2 weeks, then compare the 2-week rate to the one-week + extra day calculation. Use the LOWER of the two results on the billing ticket. If the rental is out for less than 3 weeks, then compare the 3-week rate to the two-week + extra day calculation. Use the LOWER of the two results on the billing ticket. If the rental rate is less than 4 weeks, then compare the 4-week rate to the three-week + extra day calculation. Use the LOWER of the two results on the billing ticket. The same logic will prevail if billing for more than 4 weeks. The CODE must remain as 4-WEEK; it cannot be edited.

Program Fix - Is Sales Tax setting on Pay Activities is now looked at for defaulting each item's Apply Sales Tax setting when creating a Work Ticket from a Dispatch Ticket.


Program fix - Parts added to work tickets were not being put into the equipment spec sheet window. This has been fixed


Program Fix - Equipment spec sheet was showing paper ticket number instead of ticket code. This meant it was not putting a ticket number in at all when the client did not have paper ticket number enabled. The system has been modified to display paper ticket number if enabled, and ticket code otherwise

Version 5.0.0

Released December 17, 2014


Program Change - We added a new security group function called Management which will allow us to assign the ability to un-approve tickets and edit invoice header information to users when the security feature is enabled.

Program Change - New Security level of MANAGEMENT added that allows editing of Invoice header details (such as the date).

Training & Qualifications

Program Change - Added a toolbar button to go directly to the Employee Qualifications and Training screen.


Program Change - You can now use the Add Rule button on the Payment tab of System Configuration to add more overtime rules/schedules up to a limit of eight different schedules.

Program Fix - You can now successfully enter negative number for hours on Time Details when Force To Overtime flag is checked.

Program Change - Worker and Equipment Base Rates, and Worker and Equipment Default Activities will now filter Pay Activities based on the "Is Labour" and "Is Equipment" flags on the Pay Activities table.

Program Change - New flag on Employees grid to Pay by Percent of Revenue And Hourly. This will allow both types of pay for that employee, which was not previously handled by the calculators.

Dispatch Tickets

Program change - We now have the ability to add workers, equipment and rental equipment to a dispatch ticket using a newly added "Availability" button on each of the respective tabs

Program Change - When adding a work ticket in the work ticket grid view, a pop-up will appear allowing you to select the work date for any open tickets as of that date, or search for the dispatch number directly. If a ticket was open during the defined work date the results will show the client, then job. Double clicking on the desired job will reveal associated dispatch ticket information. If the ticket information is highlighted in red, this indicates there has already been a work ticket generated that encompasses the defined work date range in the search. This serves as a warning to prevent overlaps/double billing. If you prefer to cancel this screen, it will lead you to the conventional "Select Job" pop-up normally seen when clicking "Add" in the work ticket grid view.

Program Change - The Pick list button from the Job Wizard and Dispatch Ticket entry screens can be used with hot-key Alt+P

Program Fix - Cascading an "open" End Date to line items on a Dispatch Ticket will no longer get rid of the line item's Start Date.

Printing Work Tickets & Invoices (Grid)

Program Change - Setting to enable Page Numbers for multi-page Printout 100 Ticket and Invoice printouts.

Program Change - Customers using Printout 100 for their Invoice and Ticket printouts have the option of printing in colour or not. Note: this does not affect the logo. The logo, which is an image file, will still be in colour if it is designed that way. This is accomplished by checking the "Print in Colour" check-box on the printout configuration.

Rate Sheet

Program Change - You can now copy and paste Effective Dates in the Rate Sheets grid. When leaving the Start Date field it will prompt you to cascade the date change down to the Equipment, Employees, and Rentals (if enabled) tabs of the Rate Sheet.

Program Change - The Rate Sheet code has been linked to the Job table, so it can be displayed and edited in the Jobs grid. A Caribou Representative will need to add it to your Job Grid if you'd like to have the ability to edit it.

Program Fix - When saving Rate Sheets we have the option to save in the new sort order (modified by double clicking headers to sort by them) or the original sort order it opened with. Choosing to save the original order now also saves the Rental Rates tab in the original order.


Program Change - If you wish to save a Work Ticket while still in the form, without closing it, you may navigate to File -> Save at the top toolbar.

Program Change - When setup to only use a single date for Work Ticket entry it will no longer prompt to cascade the date change to the ticket's line items. It will simply do so automatically.

Program Fix - Now you can delete a Worker/Employee after he has been removed from all Tickets.

Program Change - Save & New button will now open the newly created ticket on the first tab of their work order entry screen instead of the one it left off on

Program Change - Changes to the save logic on the Work Ticket entry screen: When you hit Save/New it will now prompt with the Dispatch/Template selection window if set up to use those. If set to always use a default template it will use that on a Save/New. If you are not using a Dispatch or Template prompt it will check to see if you carryover the Job on a copy, if so it will simply use the same Job - otherwise the Save/New will prompt you to pick a Job.

Program Fix - Can now properly edit Job Codes when the Jobs grid is filtered by a specific customer.

Program Fix - When Ticket/Invoice printout is set as select-able upon preview the Get invoice button will now prompt to select a configuration.

Program Change - The Dispatch table now has two new fields that can be enabled: Created By and Last Edited By. These fields make use of who is logged into the software when the ticket was created, as well as when it was last edited. The work ticket table has always had a Created By Field. It now has a last edited by field as well that can be enabled.

Pay Calculators

Program Change - Pay Calculators will now detect multi-pay for time entries in two different pay periods. This occurs if you ran the pay calculator previously for a pay period, then changed the date of an entry in that period to a different period and ran the calculator again. As the calculator gets to this modified entry it detects that it already has pay calculated data in another period and generates an error.


Program Change - The system can now be configured to allow invoices containing tickets from multiple jobs, as long as the Customer for those jobs is the same.

Program Fix - Posting to Accounting integration systems will work from page 2+ of the Invoices grid.

Program Fix - The Multi-Ticket invoice now applies bankers rounding to the Ticket totals it displays. Now the Ticket total displayed on the Multi-Ticket invoice will match the total displayed on the Ticket preview.

Program Fix - Get invoice button from Ticket Entry screen will work properly with Job specific Paper Ticket Number prefixes.

Program Fix - Crystal Invoices now properly handle Parts with long descriptions.

Program Change - Removed the View Statement button from the Invoice preview.

Program Change - When configured to only use Crystal invoices upon creating a new invoice you will be prompted with an edit window that allows you to modify invoice parameters such as Due Date, and Standard Terms etc.

Program Change - When picking tickets to put onto an invoice (accessed via the Add button on the invoices grid) you will now see additional Ticket header items to allow better sorting.

Program Change - When picking tickets to put onto an invoice (accessed via the Add button on the invoices grid) you will now see additional Ticket header items to allow better sorting.

Program Change - There are five new memo fields that can be added to the INVOICES table FOR CRYSTAL USERS ONLY. There is also the ability to allow users using CRYSTAL users to select the crystal layout they want when creating or editing and invoice.

Program Change - The software now has the ability to configure multiple INVOICE layouts that would be select-able by the user upon creation of the invoice. (If the user is configured to have different layouts per customer, then this new feature will not work - the select-able invoice layout is an alternative offering to have a single invoice layout per customer.)

Purchase Orders

Program Change - When all items on a Purchase Order are added to a Ticket (ie. Used) it will de-activate the PO. When an item is removed from the Ticket, and thus available on that PO again, it will re-activate the PO.

Program Fix - When editing a Purchase Order you can now modify information such as the quantity of items being ordered, and the taxes for that row will be updated automatically. Before, the individual entries details screen needed to be opened for automatic tax recalculation.

Program Fix - P.O.s now correctly set the date at the correct time under the correct circumstances: For line items set to inventory, the date will be set to 1/1/1900 and those items do not appear in your inventory grid until you mark that line item as received. At which time the software will update date in the Expenses Screen to be the P.O.'s creation date for each line item set to inventory. For line items set to Job the date in the Entry Screen will remain at 1/1/1900 until these items (Misc expenses or parts) have been used on the job it is assigned to. It is important to note that these line items can be assigned to a job AT ANY TIME, they do not have to be marked as received before we can assign them to a work ticket. Once assigned to a work ticket the software will update the Expense Screen with the date of the work ticket used to assign the items in question to the job set in the P.O. For line items set to Equipment the date will remain at 1/1/1900 until marked as received, at which point the software will update the Expense Screen with the P.O.'s creation date.

Bid Jobs

Program Change - The software now allows you to enter a Miscellaneous Expense with a Charge of $0.00.

Work Ticket

Program change - We now have the ability to delete multiple rows on the work ticket hourly charges tab and have any production (non-hourly) entries that were associated with the hourly charges will now also be deleted

Program Fix - When GST is disabled on a Job it will no longer calculate GST on the Ticket and Invoice printout anyway.

Program Fix - You can no longer save a Work Ticket when a line item has a Pay Activity of NONE.

Program Fix - Prior to this fix you could search for a Quote or Template ticket by Code or Paper Ticket Number in the Work Order grid and find them. You can now only search for Quote tickets from the Quote ticket grid and Templates from the Templates grid.


Program Change - There is a new Pick button on the dispatch window for rentals, and it allows you to select by equipment TYPE and to enter a count of the number of units of that type. When you click OK, the rental tab will now show the equipment type as a column and will put one row in for each of that type you indicated, but with the equipment unit number blank. You can then save the dispatch (or job) without specifying the exact unit number. When you create a work ticket from that dispatch, the software will only create rows on the actual work ticket for the rows you dispatched where you HAVE put in the exact equipment. The exact equipmnet MUST be updated on the dispatch ticket before it can make its way to the billing ticket.

Program Change - In the Job Setup wizard and Dispatch Ticket entry when picking Rentals the "Use Rate Sheet" check box will now also pull the rate from the Rate Sheet into the rate column. That way you can see which rate is being applied instead of going back to the Rate Sheet to find out.

Program Change - We can now set a default Pay Basis for the rental Pick List window (which pops up when you click the "Pick" button). Program Change - When you create a Work Ticket from a Dispatch that contains no rentals the "Update Equipment Rental" button will be locked. However if you edit that Dispatch from the ticket menu of the Work Ticket entry screen to include rentals it will auto-update any applicable rentals onto that ticket upon saving the new Dispatch.

Program Change - Rental Pick lists accessed from the Job Wizard or Dispatch Ticket will respect freshly edited end dates when determining what is available, and thus what shows up in the pick list.

Program Change - Rental Availability Report has been modified to include a count column for multi-count equipment.

Program Fix - When copying a Job with rentals on it it will no longer copy the rentals as well.

Program Fix - Rentals will no longer be pulled onto a Quote or a Template if you add them to the Job by accessing the wizard from the Quote or Template.

Program Fix - Multi-count equipment rental transaction history is now updated properly with the new count when the equipment count is edited in the equipment grid.

Pay Statements

Program Change - "Production Details" check-box relabeled to "Production (Non Hourly) Pay Detail" on Hourly Pay Statement and Production Entry table.


Program Fix - Template tickets grid will now properly refresh after saving a new Template.

Resource Scheduling (Adding Resources to Job)

Program Change - Added a button to check availability on the Workers, Equipment and Rentals Available button now on the Dispatch Ticket entry.

Program Change - When the Work Ticket entry screen is configured to use the combined Hourly Worker and Equipment entry window (Worker and Equipment on the same line item) the resource scheduling on the Job wizard will allow you to schedule a piece of equipment without a worker. When adding workers and equipment it will automatically fill the default pay activity like it does on the Work Ticket entry screen. In addition if you assign the same worker to two different pieces of equipment at the same time it will present an error message when trying to progress to the next step of the Job wizard.

Program Change - Pull from Scheduled button on Job Setup wizard Worker and Equipment rates section will pull in any Equipment/Workers scheduled on the previous steps of the wizard for easier rate setup.

Version 4.9.4

Released July 22, 2014

New Feature - You may now choose to Auto-Name your Jobs based on certain Job Attributes. Such as: The Customer, Job Type, Year etc. You may choose to number your Jobs with a constantly incrementing number that increases for each Job added regardless of its attributes. Or you may number it by distinct Job. Ie. It will start at 1 for each unique attribute combination and increase each time the same combination is used.

New Feature - You can now sort items on a Rate Sheet by double clicking any of the column headers displayed. For example - You can sort by Effective Date, Rate, Pay Basis etc.

Program Change - You can now print the Rentals, Billing Status report accessed via Reports -> Rentals -> Rentals, Billing Status if the rentals feature is enabled.

Program Change - If Part Purchase Orders are enabled there is now an icon on the main task bar to access this section of the program (Like there is for Work Tickets, Invoices etc.)

Program Fix - We have corrected issues that arose in the Detailed Tab of the "Profit & Loss - By Project, Detailed" report. Specifically, the report was not capturing data properly for users that are using the combined hourly/equipment tab of the work ticket entry form, or users who had double time. These issues have now been resolved.

Program Change - The software now has the ability to add Date for Pay to the header of the work ticket. The purpose of this field is to allow for payment to employees and subcontractors for tickets that were handed in late. For example, suppose you issued pay for the period ending June 30. You then have a field worker hand in a field ticket dated on June 28. You need to enter the ticket and indicate that the work was performed on June 28, but you need the hours, subsistence payments, etc. to be picked up in your current pay period. You can now do this by setting the work date to be June 28, and the Date for Pay to be the end date of the current period you are processing. When you run the pay calculator for your current period, the entries from this late ticket will be picked up in the current period you are processing. If those hours would have been eligible for overtime in the prior period, the software will treat them as such.

Program Fix - When transferring Equipment from Job A to Job B in Multi-Yard rental configurations you are prompted to view the Job the equipment was transferred to. It will bring up the rental tab of the Job wizard for that Job. Clicking Save/Exit no longer mucks up the Source Yard for the transferred equipment.

Program Change - In the Job Wizard, Dispatch Tickets, and Rate Sheets you can now select a single value to copy in a column and propagate it down as many rows as you'd like. Just copy it, highlight the cells you want to paste it into, and hit paste. Note: this feature has not been extended to the work tickets.

Program Change - We have modified the date range logic for users that have rentals enabled so that the software will look back to the date on the last ticket that had RENTAL charges on it, and default the start date of the current ticket to be that last rental ticket's end date plus one day. Earlier versions of the program simply looked back to the end date of last ticket on the job (or, in the world of dispatch tickets, to the last ticket created from the dispatch ticket), whether or not that ticket had rentals. That logic meant that if users were creating delivery tickets or other tickets on the job (or associated with the dispatch ticket) that did NOT have rental charges, then the software was not always looking back far enough when creating new RENTAL tickets. This logic will be much smoother for companies that use the rental feature.

Program Fix - Equipment Count will default to 1 for entries made prior to Equipment Count feature being added/enabled.

Program Fix - Job Wizard will no longer allow you to add more Equipment units than exist in the Equipment Count column.

Program Change - For users that have multi-day tickets: the start and end date will now "follow" one another IF they are the same date (meaning the ticket is a single-day ticket). Thus, if you edit the start date (on either a brand new ticket or an existing ticket), the end date will now automatically update to be the same as the start date. If the dates are different (meaning the ticket is a true multi-day ticket), then an edit of either date will not affect the other date.

Program Fix - Profit & Loss by Job, Detailed report now properly displays Regular, Overtime, and Double Time hours if all are applicable. It will also correctly show hours worked on Saturdays and Sundays.

New Feature - When viewing a Work Ticket created from a Dispatch Ticket you can use the Ticket -> Edit Dispatch Ticket menu item to access the Dispatch Ticket. Upon saving, the Dispatch ticket rentals will be updated on the Work Ticket you have open.

Program Change - You can now print the Rentals, Billing Status report accessed via Reports -> Rentals -> Rentals, Billing Status if the rentals feature is enabled.

Program Change - We can now use Crystal Reports for Dispatch Ticket printouts. This allows us to do custom printouts.

New Feature - We can now create Cross Tab reports! What this means is we can have a column attribute fill across the top of a report and then further sort by row attributes. For example - We can have Pay Activity show across the top of the report, Worker and Date show as row headings/groups, and have the data separated into a panel for each Job. We then display the total hours worked by these groups/categories.

Program Change - The software now has a flag that allows the billable hours and the payroll hours in the work ticket entry form to be completely independent of one another. In earlier versions of the software, any time the payroll hours were updated, they would also update the billable hours. If the user had made the billable hours different from the payroll hours, and then edited the payroll hours on the ticket, it would over-write their original billable hours, which worked well for some users, but not for others. We now have the ability to do both.

Program Change - Users can now add Pay Activity Groups directly through the interface under set up | Pay Activity Groups. This new window also has a tab for Pay Activities, so users can actually set up both groups and activities from this new window.

Program Fix - Production Details accessed via Data Entry -> Production Activity -> Employees -> Enter Slips and Data Entry -> Production Activity -> Sub Contractors -> Enter Slips will now save any edits made to the Date for Pay in the grid.

Program Change - Standard custom format Employee Hourly Payroll statement (#9) updated to use Date for Pay.

Program Change - J PART 1 through J PART 5 (configurable drop down lists at the ticket level) have "Add New" option in their drop down boxes at the header level of Work Tickets and Dispatch Tickets.

Program Fix - Header items from a Dispatch Ticket (Such as J Parts or J Spec Parts) will no longer be lost when the date range is changed while creating a Work Ticket from the Dispatch Ticket.

Program Change - Added J Spec Parts (Header level items) as per-entry drop down lists to Hourly Labour, Non-Hourly Labour, and Third Party Charges tabs of the Work Ticket entry screen.

Version 4.9.3

Released June 6, 2014

Program Change - Dispatch Tickets can also filter activities by eligible activities on the rate sheet or worker and equipment default activities. By default eligible activities from worker and equipment default activities will show up at the top of the activity pick list. If filtering by rate sheet activities is turned on you will only be able to pick activities that are on the rate sheet.

If a customer has a custom crystal invoice printout they can check off the "Use Crystal" option in sys-config to make the print button at the bottom of the IC grid print their custom invoice rather than the generic printout 100 version. This helps when customers want to print multiple invoices at once. As a side effect of this configuration, double clicking an invoice row in the IC grid will cause the crystal version to be displayed on screen, rather than the printout 100 version. Because the crystal version does not have a description tab to let users view the tickets for an invoice, we have provided an option to right click the row number for an invoice and be presented with the option to display the printout 100 view (which has the description tab in it).

Program Change - The Scheduling Report (for users who use Dispatch Tickets or who assign people and equipment to JOBS) still shows the Job Name in the cells in the calendar, but if a user is using Dispatch Tickets, they can now double-click on the cell to get to the underlying dispatch ticket(s) associated with the Job/Person (or Job/Equipment) allocation for that day.

Program Fix - The work ticket prefix set at the job level will now work for tickets that have entries on the maintenance tab of the ticket.

Program Change - Jobs that have the CLOSED checkmark checked will no longer appear in the selection list when creating a new work ticket.

Program Change - Dispatch Tickets can also filter activities by eligible activities on the rate sheet or worker and equipment default activities. By default eligible activities from worker and equipment default activities will show up at the top of the activity pick list. If filtering by rate sheet activities is turned on you will only be able to pick activities that are on the rate sheet.

Program Fix - The standard Multi-Ticket invoice printout will now use the "suppress if zero" flags.

Program Change - The software now supports custom crystal maintenance ticket printouts as an alternative to the generic printout that is included as part of the maintenance tab of the ticket.

Program Change - The software now has a Customer Discount feature that can be enabled. The feature allows for a discount to be applied (to the pre-tax value of the entire ticket). Each customer can have a default discount (if desired), but the default can be over-written within the work ticket itself.

Program Change - The software now allows a Caribou Representative to configure the defaulting for the tax checkmarks on a job. For example, BC users may want PST to be checked by default when setting up a new job, whereas central Alberta users will likely want it unchecked by default.

Printout 100 - Right align will right align both the stub and data column. Right align with stubs merged will align the whole item. Center align only works with stubs merged.

Program Change - The PST paid amount (ie. Sales Tax amount) can be enabled on the third party charges tab of the ticket entry form. It will not be displayed on the printout, but is available for BC users so they can enter the amount of PST they pay separate from what they bill for reporting purposes. Upon entry of a third party item the PST paid amount will auto-calculate. If the users over-rides the amount the system will save the new amount. If they subsequently re-edit the line item amount the PST will be recalculated and any edits will have to be made again. We have also added two new date fields to the miscellaneous expenses table (and therefore the third party charges tab of the ticket entry form): DATE_POSTED and INVOICE_DATE. The Date Posted will default to today's date when entering expenses and is treated as the day the clerk put the payable into Caribou. The Invoice Date is used to record the date of the invoice the payable is from. Neither will print on the standard work ticket printout, but both are available for reporting or custom uploads for accounting software.

Program Change - Our standard Printout 100 Multi-Ticket Invoice printout can be configured to sort the tickets by the data fields available (e.g. End Date, Start Date, Ticket Number, Paper Ticket Number etc.). Before this change the Multi-Ticket invoice defaulted to sort by Start Date only.

Program Change - Crystal report printing now prompts the user to choose a printer. Before this change printing a Crystal report would only use your system default printer.

Version 4.9.0

 Released January 31/2014

Program Change - Sales taxes are generally levied on sales of tangible property, thereby excluding labor charges and other services. Up until version 4.9.0, the sales tax in the Contractor's Edge was applied only to Parts and Third Party Charges. We have now extended out PST functionality to be a bit more general. The approach we have taken, is that every row on a work ticket will have an "apply sales tax" checkbox, thereby allowing any charge to accrue sales tax or not.

Program Change - The Dispatch Ticket Printout will now display the Equipment Type Code as well as the Equipment Unit Number when using rental equipment on a dispatch sheet.

Program Change - New check box in System Configuration | Job Setup: Cascade Description to Tickets. Must be checked for the feature to work. If checked, the description from the job will cascade down to the Short Description on a work ticket upon creation of a new ticket. If a ticket already exists (with or without a Short Description), the software will NOT overwrite the currently entry upon edit of an existing ticket.

Program Change - As of Version 4.9, the Contractor's Edge allows for creation of user groups and assignments of specific users to specific groups in order to limit permission levels for different users. There is an extra cost to this feature. Contact a Caribou representative if you are interested in learning more.

Program Change - The "update cost" display value for "new cost" in the parts purchases data entry window has been corrected in the world where part inventory costs are managed by the user to show the most recently entered cost.

Program Change - We have made it so that if a user makes a part purchase or enters a part on a purchase order with a $0 cost, but has left the "update cost" checkmark checked, the software will ignore the checkmark in the case of a $0 cost and will NOT update the master cost list with a $0 cost. We have also added a setting in Basic Setup -> Contractor's Edge tab that allows us to set the global default for the "Update Cost" checkbox to be checked or unchecked. This setting will be obeyed in both the Purchase Order parts pop-up entry window, in the parts grid (where there is now a new "update cost" checkbox on each row), and in the "Buy Parts" window itself (separate and apart from the PO window).

Program Change - The software can now help automate fuel surcharges that must be billed to the customer. Currently, the line items to which the surcharge can apply must be entered on the equipment non-hourly tab of the work ticket. When you set up each equipment unit, you indicate if it is eligible to have the fuel surcharge applied. You indicate the percentage rate for the "fuel surcharge" activity in each of the relevant rate sheets. You can over-ride the fuel surcharge percentage on any given ticket, and you can choose to not apply the surcharge for any given piece of equipment on a service ticket if necessary.

Program Fix - Corrected an issue where if a user copied a row in the non-hourly equipment grid of a work ticket, and then used type ahead rather than the mouse and the drop-down box to change the piece of equipment, the software was not re-updating the activity and basis for the newly edited piece of equipment. With this version, the row will update if equipment unit has changed, whether you use the mouse or you use type ahead and the "Tab" key.

Program Fix - Worker time entries on quote tickets no longer show up in time review grid or on pay statements.

Version 4.9.2

Released April 16,2014

We have modified the calendar control so that forward / back arrows are now available for the month as well as the year selectors.

Program Fix - We have corrected an issue where rental users with equipment auto-charges would follow a set of key strokes that resulted in the auto-charge rate reverting from the proper rate from the equipment types table to zero.

There is a new flag on both the Pay Activities and the Account Codes tables that allow users to indicate which activities and account codes should appear in the drop down box on the third party tab of a work ticket. Activities and Account Codes that have the 3P check box checked WILL show up in the drop down selection for a Work Ticket Third Party tab. Ones with the box unchecked will NOT show up, helping to prevent data entry errors.

The software can now be configured for multi-day tickets so that the default date on the rows will default to the end date of the ticket rather than the start date of the ticket. A Caribou representative will need to do this for you. Reference issue # 33292 when you call!

Program Change - We can now generate Crystal reports for the Work Ticket and Quote Ticket previews instead of using the grid.

Program Change - The work ticket window now supports adding the Equipment Unit column to the Third Party Charges and Parts tabs. If Equipment Unit is on the header of the work ticket then the rows will inherit that equipment unit.

Program Change - The window used to post Payables (Miscellaneous Expenses) to an accounting system now filters by Account code.

Program Change - As of version 4.9.2, users who use real "jobs" can now make their work tickets default to today's date rather than the day after the last ticket on that job.

Program Change - As of version 4.9.2, the software allows for richer functionality around the maintenance tab of a work ticket. Specifically, maintenance events will auto-populate in the lookup window with just those that are scheduled for that equipment unit (rather than filling with the entire list of maintenance events), those events can be filtered by the interval at which they are to be performed, parts can auto-populate in connection with a "replace" maintenance event, and standard hours and costs can auto-populate. In addition, the Spec sheet for equipment has been built out to show associated work orders and costs with that equipment unit. Finally, users can set up standard costs associated with each service event if they want, and can over-ride the standard cost on any given maintenance event within the work ticket. Contact a Caribou representative if you'd like more information.

Caribou's Standard Multi-Ticket Invoice (Printout 100 Multi Ticket Invoice) can use WORK_DATE and/or END_DATE now.

Program Change - Fuel Surcharge can be configured to default on/off by Equipment unit.

Program Change - PST (Sales Tax setting) for line items on a Work Ticket can be defaulted. The default can be set by the Job's tax setting, the J_PART_2's (this is a configurable header field on work tickets) tax setting, or the Activity's tax setting. Please contact a Caribou rep for more information on this.

Program Change - PST (Sales Tax setting) for line items on a Work Ticket can be defaulted. The default can be set by the Job's tax setting, the J_PART_2's (this is a configurable header field on work tickets) tax setting, or the Activity's tax setting. Please contact a Caribou rep for more information on this.

Program Fix - We have corrected an issue where rental users with equipment auto-charges would follow a set of key strokes that resulted in the auto-charge rate reverting from the proper rate from the equipment types table to zero.

Program Change - Can configure a default Account Code to use when adding Third Party Charges to a Work Ticket or using the Buy Parts window.

Program Change - Maintenance Status report now uses Equipment Type selection.

Program Fix - Invoice printout grand total now includes the sales tax (PST) if enabled.

There is now the ability to add a drop-down field to all tabs in a work ticket. The drop-down field will provide the same pick list across all tabs.

Program Change - If a part is purchased into inventory through a PO, the software will now write an entry into the Miscellaneous Expenses table for this purchase when the PO is saved and will set the date of the miscellaneous entry to be the date of the purchase order. In terms of the purchase hitting inventory, the logic remains the same as in prior versions: the actual inventory balances will not be updated until the part is marked as Received on the PO.

Program Fix - Update part cost checkbox on Purchase Orders is now dictated by the global setting in Basic Setup.

Upon Save/New, have cursor return to paper ticket # if paper ticket # is on the form.

We have modified the way rounding is handled in our standard work ticket and invoice so that for users with multi-ticket invoices, the detail tickets will be consistent with the invoice "summary" page.

The software now has the ability to add Free Form entry fields (not drop downs) to the Equipment nonhourly Tab of a Work Ticket.

Program Change - Activity drop down list can be limited to only show activities on the rate sheet for the current ticket's Job. Activities specific to the Worker/Equipment Unit will show at the top of the list.

Version 4.8.15

Released January 4, 2013.

New Feature - The Rental Equipment pick list, for adding rentals to a job, and Transfer Equipment screen, to transfer equipment between jobs, now filter by Equipment Type if there are more than 50 pieces of Equipment to be loaded.

Program Fix - Customer field now transfers properly from the Job Selection window when creating a new Ticket.

New Feature - Part Import Utility can now update existing part entries with a new imported quantity.

New Feature - You may now copy a dispatch ticket. When doing so you will be prompted with two options: "Carryover Workers/Equipment" and/or "Carryover Rentals." If the dispatch ticket has a piece of equipment used on multiple lines with different dates it will ONLY copy the FIRST row for the piece of equipment.

Program Fix - Multi Ticket Printing now has redundant code removed and is more efficient.

New Feature - Part Purchase Orders now display the Customer next to the selected Job if Job is enabled on the PO header. Tax0, typically GST, is applied to the PO total by default. This can be turned off and GST will be calculated by line item.

Program Fix - Receiving a file path error when generating a PDF or Emailing a PDF will not cause the system default printer to change.

Program Fix - Copying a row on a Part Purchase Order now updates the PO total correctly.

Program Fix - If a Remote Ticket import fails an error will be generated, the user can then fix the error and continue importing the ticket.

New Feature - You can import an old User Defined Report xml definition into a new version of the program. Any fields not included in the xml will be assigned default values.

Program Fix - Employer field is locked and can't be edited for Employees that have time entries in the system.

New Feature - Part Purchase Orders can now be looked up by their header Invoice Number or their PO Number in the PO lookup window.

Program Fix - Units of Measurement and Quantity are now required for entries on the Miscellaneous tab of a Part Purchase Order.

Fixed an issue with POs where the system was over-writing the description of miscellaneous entries pulled onto a work ticket from a PO if the user deleted the entries from the work ticket (after adding them from the PO), and then attempted to re-add the line items back onto the PO. The software will now retain the original description entered on the PO for each of the line items, even when you delete and re-add.

Program Fix - Recalc Equipment Cost now works with Hourly and Non-Hourly entries. This only updates records that had already been written by a previous calculator run, it will not fix missing entries.

New Feature - Part Purchase Orders will be sorted numerically if enforce PO Auto-Numbering is enabled.

Program Fix - When creating a new User Defined Report the Is_Active checkbox is checked by default.

New Feature - Report 206 (Job Summary P&L) now sorts by revenue type and doesn't include data from non-revenue Work Tickets.

Program Fix - Dispatch tickets no longer print with a grid on the page.

Program Fix - Profit & Loss Reports from the main program have been optimized.

Program Fix - Charge out rates of $0 will not re-update with default or rate sheet rates when editing a Work Ticket.

New Feature - Option to enable auto-numbering for part purchase orders.

New Feature - You can now void a part purchase order. Items on a voided PO cannot be used on a ticket. If items on a PO are already used on a ticket you cannot void the PO.

Program Fix - P&L By Job, Detailed report now obeys the flag for non-revenue tickets and will not include them in the report.

New Feature - Printout 100 now loads the Hourly Section off of what is enabled in the Window 4 setup (if on Window 4). All detail tabs have an extra row for number of decimals. A column for total chargeable hours (Reg, OT, Travel, and DT hours combined) has been added to the Hourly Labour tab.

Version 4.8.14

Released November 8, 2012.


Editable fields on an Invoice printout are now correctly saved from Window 4 (Standard Window)

Work Tickets

When using a Permission system for users the New Job button is correctly disabled (where applicable) on the Job Selection grid when creating a Ticket.

The Work Ticket grid can now be grouped and sorted by customer using the left window's drop down box.

Printout 100 (Standard Ticket) Invoice and Work Ticket can set Font Size for the Totals section.

The Printout 100 Invoice config has an Import Ticket Settings button. This will now allow you to pick which Ticket to import settings from.

User Defined Fields (UDF_X...) have been added to the Dispatch Ticket form. These will transfer to a Work Ticket when one is created from a Dispatch Ticket.

Rental Availability

Check Availability button for Rentals on the Dispatch Ticket form. This will check for availability issues on your selected rentals.

Error saving Non-Hourly Labour entries in Window 4 when an Hourly Labour production entry check box was NOT enabled.

If there is only one contact set up for a Ticket they are automatically selected upon Ticket creation.

When creating a Quote Ticket the user will now be presented with a Job selection grid to pick the bid's associated Job.

Owner field for Equipment is locked once added to a Work Ticket.

User Defined Fields (UDF_X...) can be added to the Multi Ticket section of a Printout 100 Invoice.

Printout 100: Ability to set which Work Ticket and/or Invoice printout a Customer uses from the Customers grid.

When creating a ticket from a Dispatch Ticket the selection window now contains J_SPEC_PART_1 and J_SPEC_PART_2 along with the Customer and Dispatch #.

Window 4 (Standard Window) can be configured to show Travel Hours (Charged) and/or Travel Hours (Payroll).

Rate Setup

Shortcut keys now work when editing a Rate Sheet.

Minimum Charge pay basis that covers a certain number of days. Eg. $100 for the first four days and $20 per day after. This feature requires the Minimum Days and Extra Day Rate columns to be enabled as well.

Job Setup

J_PARTs can be enabled at the Job level, or the Work Ticket level. For users, this means that we now can have a ticket header attribute such as LSD share a pick list across all jobs instead of being limited to pick lists that relate strictly to each particular job (which has historically been the case).

When setting up a Job, if the Job Type or Customer is left blank you will not be able to proceed.

When a user tries to create a job with the asme code as another already in the database, the program will present an error and not allow the user to move forward in the job creation wizard until the conflict is resolved.


When Yard Management is enabled the Add Equipment Wizard has a field to select the initial Yard for that piece of equipment. You can't add a piece of equipment without setting the Yard.


PL Reports: By Job, Summary and By Job, Daily Summary have the option to "drill down." Double clicking a Job entry brings up a detail report for that Job and Pay Period. Double clicking a Day entry brings up a detail report for that Day.

Report 919 now includes the End Date selected in its date range.

User Defined Reports can now be classed under different report headings. They can be set active/inactive. There is a new menu item: File -> User Defined Reports which shows a grid view of all User Defined Reports. Reports can be Locked. A locked report can be copied, and changes made to the copy. But the locked report itself can NOT be edited.

Three new Profit and Loss reports: By Job, Summary; By Job, Daily Summary; and By Job, Detailed. These are accessed from the Reports | Profit & Loss menu item.


Incremental Pay Calculators allow date range adjustments after selecting the initial Pay Period.

Owner field for Employees is locked once Pay Calculators have been run.


If you have filtered a grid to search for a specific item it will no longer reset after opening/closing an item.

Icon added to the top toolbar that takes you to the Dispatch Ticket grid.

There is a new check box in System Configuration called "Save PDF's with Jobs (Not Tickets)." When this setting is enabled PDF printouts will be saved inside their Job's folder on a local machine.

Emailing should work in Outlook 2003. Ability to Email from an Outlook account that is not the user's default account will only work in Outlook 2010 or newer.


Flag to disabled Inventory Costing. When the flag is off, the software will automatically keep track of quantities on hand, but the cost will be whatever costs the user has assigned to the part in the parts list. If the flag is on, the software will NOT allow the user to edit the costs of the parts, and it will enforce an average costing rule.


Equipment rentals can now overlap on the start and end date. Ie. A piece of equipment can be returned and rented out again on the same day. A warning will still be given to let the user know there are overlaping rentals. This applies to the Job setup and Dispatch Tickets.

Version 4.8.13

Released September 27, 2012.

Open Start/End Dates

If you have both a Start Date and End Date on Dispatch Tickets you may use the key word "OPEN" for the End Date rather than using an actual date. You may also use "OPEN" as the End Date for Jobs. Behind the scenes "OPEN" actually sets the end date to 1/1/9999. This is used for ongoing Jobs where the user does not know how many days the Job will last when they first create the Job and/or Dispatch Ticket. As of version 4.8.13, if you have both a start and end date on your dispatch ticket, you can now use the key word "Open" for the end date rather than specifying an actual data. This keyword allows for easier treatment of ongoing jobs where the user does not know how many days the job will last when they first create the dispatch. Behind the scenes, the software uses a date of "1/1/9999". This is especially useful for rental companies that are using the dispatch feature. This "Open" keyword can also be used for the End Date at the JOB level. Again, the software will use a date of 1/1/9999 behind the scenes when if sees the keyword "Open". A note to implementers when doing rental companies: Beware that if you are using rate sheets in conjunction with jobs or dispatch tickets, you should set the end date on your rate sheet to be 1/1/9999 so that the software will allow you to save a job or a dispatch ticket where there are "open" rentals and you are using a rate sheet. In a future version, we will make the rate sheet default to a date of "Open".

Default Start / End Dates

When creating a Work Ticket, with both Start and End Dates enabled, the software will check for the End Date of the last ticket created for that Job (if there is one) and default the Start Date of your current ticket to one day after the End Date of the last ticket. This feature is useful for rental companies. One caveat: if a user generates work tickets that do NOT have rental charges (e.g., because they are billing for deliveries or pickups in between the billings for rentals), then the user will still need to adjust their own dates for the rental tickets.

Open default for Rate Sheets

When creating a new Rate Sheet the End Date is automatically set to OPEN. This matches the default End Date for new Jobs and Dispatch tickets to prevent errors when applying rate sheets to Worker, Equipment, or Rental rates on Jobs/Dispatch Tickets that have OPEN End Dates.

Date Cascading

If the Start Date or End Date on a Dispatch Ticket is edited it will prompt the user to cascade the date change to all items on the Dispatch Ticket. The End Date is NOT updated for entries that already have an End Date previous to the new End Date. This is so we don't accidentally move up the End Date of previously closed items. The prompt will only appear when the user clicks away from the Date drop down box.

Disabled editing of indirectly created expenses

Only Miscellaneous Expense entries that were added on the grid manually can be edited. Any entries made by Part Purchases, Work Ticket entries, or Purchase Orders can't be edited from the Miscellaneous Expenses grid anymore.

Equipment/Rental Changes

If there are over 100 Equipment Units in the Equipment grid an Equipment Type filter will be enabled. The Equipment Type filter will default to blank, loading no units. This speeds up loading times when there are large numbers of Equipment Units. The filter may then be set to any Equipment Type you desire, or "ALL" to show all units (this is the default behaviour of the window).

For the Rental Grid on Jobs and Dispatch tickets, if a piece of equipment has an Equipment Count = 1 (ie. It is a single unit, not bulk) the count column will be locked for that item.

The Equipment Rental "Pick List" now has an Equipment Type drop down box for filtering, as well as a Search Box. The Search Box looks for an exact match unless wildcard signs (% signs) are used. Eg. "Truck-%" to return all Truck-101, Truck-102, Truck-300, etc. entries.

Rental companies can now create Dispatch Tickets to initiate jobs for each customer. Bundled with this Dispatch feature is the ability to set Jobs equal to Customers under the Job Setup tab of System Configuration. This is useful for companies that don't think in terms of "Jobs" and "Job Names". Dispatch tickets are created from Data Entry -> Tickets -> Dispatch. They allow scheduling of Rentals for a current or future Job. You may create a Work Ticket from a Dispatch Ticket and it will auto fill with scheduled Workers, Equipment, and Rentals. The End Date of these tickets defaults to OPEN. The rental tab will show only if Rentals are enabled in Basic Setup. Any Equipment, Workers, or Rentals added to a Dispatch Ticket are also added behind the scenes to the Job that Dispatch Ticket is for.

Entry Window 4 Changes

In Entry Window 4 there is now a check box at the bottom for "Last Ticket / Close Job?" If this is checked then upon saving the Ticket the Job will be closed as of the Ticket End Date. Any scheduled Equipment, Workers, and Rentals on that Job will be set available as of the End Date of the ticket as well.

Multiple E-Mail Account Support

Users with multiple email accounts in outlook can now indicate which account they want emails to be sent from within Contractor's Edge. Note that emailing through Outlook may not work in all circumstances, depending on your Outlook configuration. (The setting is stored in the user's registry, so each CE user in a multi-user environment can have their own email account.)

Landscape Printing if unable to print Portrait

Printing from The Contractor's Edge will now print landscape if necessary. The printer checks to see if the printed item is too wide for portrait, if so it will print landscape and shrink the item to fit if it is still too wide.

Printout #100 Changes/Fixes

  • There is now a row for Rentals on the Totals tab.
  • Column order settings will now save properly.
  • Work Tickets can now have a Start Date, an End Date, or Both.
  • If the Equipment Code is enabled for Rentals the Rental Ticket grouping settings will be ignored.
  • Added ability to supress OT or DT if they are not chargeable on the Job.
  • Added ability to combine Regular Hours and Travel Hours into one column on the Printout.
  • Work Ticket and Invoice configuration, under Hourly Labour, has a check box to consolidate Subsistence/Reimbursment production items into one row for billing.
  • Load Entries in Order check box on Printout 100 configuration. This loads all data in order of entry on the printout regardless of the System Config setting.
  • Custom Invoice allows editing and saving of the Invoice Number, Date, and Standard Terms if desired.
  • Invoice has a button to import the Ticket Settings from a Printout #100 Work Ticket config of the SAME NAME. It saves the Invoice config first, then looks for a Work Ticket config that matches the name of the Invoice config, finally it imports the common settings from that Work Ticket into the Invoice config. You must then click Preview, or OK, to save it. This feature should speed up the process of creating similar Work Ticket - Invoice pairs.
  • Added a check box to the Printout #100 Invoice configuration to force Single Ticket Invoices to print as Multi-Ticket ones. The printout will follow the Multi-Ticket layout but will only have one Work Ticket listed. This is useful for companies that do not have separate Single Ticket invoices but instead use one Multi-Ticket layout.

Version 4.8.12

Released September 4, 2012.

Summary Crystal Report for User Defined Reports

This allows the "Summary View" check box on the report filter screen to function properly for Crystal reports.

E-Mail PDF Invoice from Tickets

When viewing an Invoice via the Get button from a Work Ticket you may click the E-Mail button to open an E-Mail window with a PDF printout of the Invoice already attached. Any Customer contact info will be filled in as well. There must be a valid Contact configured for the Customer for this feature to work.

Post Invoices to your General Ledger from the Ticket

Added the ability to Post an Invoice from the Crystal report viewer when accessed from a Work Ticket. This feature requires Single Ticket Invoicing to be enabled, Use Accounting Integration enabled, and a valid Crystal RPT for Invoices.

Deactivate User Defined Reports

User Defined Reports can now be made inactive to bring them inline with the funcionality for standard reports

Print Copies of Tickets

Users can now set how many copies they would like printed when printing directly from a ticket.

Deactivate Part Orders

Part Orders can now be made inactive.

Part Order Usage

The parts order grid screen will now display part orders that have been used complete on a job by changing the color of the Active column. Part Orders that have been used completely will be displayed in green, those that have not will be displayed in red.

Print Multiple Work Tickets

Added the ability to print multiple Work Tickets at once. It can be accessed from Data Entry -> Work Orders -> Print Multiple Tickets. If printing a PDF you can choose to output one PDF per ticket, or print them all into a single PDF.

New Ticket Entry Window

New Window - Entry Window #4 allows more flexability with the Ticket Entry window. It enables full customization of all Ticket tabs and columns. And allows the combination of features from both the combined/split window.

Bug Fix - In Window 4 the MONTH pay basis now gets the MONTH rate and EXTRA DAY rate from a rate sheet correctly.

Added a new field to the Window 4 Hourly tab (PROD_UNITS_#) that adds a configurable Production Entry behind the scenes. This can be used for things like employee reimbursments or payment for truck usage.

New Feature - Updating equipment rentals on a Window 4 Work Ticket will now bring back items that have a Month, Day, Pct_Month, or Week pay basis regardless of their case (upper vs lower).

Select Printer when printing Invoices

There is a new button in the Crystal Reports view of Invoices that will let users select a printer to print to, instead of just printing to the default printer

Configurable Printout 100

Update - Added the ability to show Daily_Work_Order User Defined Field's (UDF_1, UDF_2,... UDF_5) on the J Spec Parts tab of printout 100. Also made the Configuration window slightly bigger.

Version 4.8.11

Released August 8, 2012.

Cancel quitting the program when you exit via the top right X button

When users click the top right X to close the program, they now have the ability to Cancel that action.

Enhanced Custom Tickets

New Feature - User Interface for Caribou client service reps to design custom Work Ticket printout.

New Feature - User Interface for Caribou client service reps to design custom Invoice printout.

Auto-filling paper ticket or reference numbers when e-mailing

New Feature - When Emailing a Work Ticket the subject line is auto filled with the paper ticket number if available, or the reference number.

Addressed adding newly created parts to work orders

Fixed program error message that occurred on new work tickets when a user attempted to add a completely new part to the parts list from within the work ticket.

New Feature - When copying a Work Ticket any parts that were not purchased on that ticket are carried over to the copy.

Purchase Order dates are now more configurable

Purchase Orders grid now follows same look-back dates as work tickets. This setting is controlled by the user in System Configuration.

Enhanced Job selection window

New Feature - Opens a Job pick list when a user clicks the Add button to add a new work ticket. This window allows for either fast typing without using the mouse at all, or it allows for mouse use. Altering colors occur to visually group jobs that share the same customer. We made this change for two reasons: a) it allows users to see more information about the job when selecting the job to create the ticket; and b) it allowed Caribou to solve the issue where the cursor would move to a different cell in the ticket window than the user appeared to have selected.

Modified Job Setup Wizard to allow saving and exiting earlier

New Feature - After filling out the second page in the Job Setup Wizard you can Save/Exit at any time.

Faster load times when starting the program

New Feature - Data is loaded from the Database as needed, not all on startup. This speeds up loading time for the program.

Ticket Grid is now uneditable

Bug Fix - The ticket preview grid is now uneditable.

Custom Purchase Order Printouts

New Feature - The PO print button now powers a Crystal report if there is an report for PO_REPORT in Basic Statement Types.

E-Mail from work ticket preview

New Feature - Email button added to Work Ticket preview grid. When clicked it will load up an Email message with some auto filled text and a pdf of the ticket attached. The user may edit the text and recipient(s) before sending.

Version 4.8.8

Released May 16, 2012.

New Rental Basis for Percent of Month Charges

New Feature - Added a new Rental Pay Basis for Percent of Month charges.

Reference number in Ticket selection screen

Invoices Update Ticket screen shows internal Reference Number in the Ticket Number column if a paper ticket number isn't entered.

Add Rental Rates to Rate Sheets

Rentals - Added Rental Rates to Rate Sheets.

Erroneous overlap error when saving tickets

Bug Fix - Erroneous overlap error when saving tickets will no longer occur.

Indication as to what database you're connecting to in Contractor's Edge

The initial login screen shows you which database you are trying to connect to.

Posting Tickets to Simply Accounting

Rows on a ticket with a $0 total were not properly posting to Simply Accounting. We now ignore those $0 entries and post the invoice to Simply Accounting without those rows.

Create new Job from Enter Tickets form

New Feature - Can create a New Job from the Enter Tickets form.

Enhanced Invoice Central Printing

New Feature - If you click the print button when inside invoice central, you are presented with the option to print the summary grid itself, or print each individual invoice.

Job Sheet printout includes directions and rate sheet correctly

New Feature - Job Sheet Printout includes the Rate Sheet and Directions.

Mechanic's Edge reports compatible with Contractors Edge reporter

Bug Fix - Mechanic's Edge reports used to interfere with the Contractors Edge reporter when running both programs on the same database.

The menu item to Create a New Database has been removed.

The menu item to Create a New Database has been removed.

Ability to assign employees and non rental equipment to a Job

New Feature - Added the ability to assign Employees and non-rental Equipment to a Job. This is NOT shown in the reporter yet.

Inventory Filter in Inventory Lookup Window of Work Ticket for Stock Transfer

New Feature - Added Inventory Filter in Inventory Lookup Window of Work Ticket when doing Stock Transfer.

"Out of Memory Error" when opening invoice

Bug Fix - Fixed out of memory error that occured when opening invoices.

Do not copy rental assignments when copying jobs

Rentals - Copying a job will no longer copy the rental assignments to the new job.

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