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Oilfield Rentals

Track Rental Assets & Jobs

  • Set up Rental Rates and Duration for Each Asset on the Job
  • Pre-define delivery, cleaning and inspection service rates for the job.
  • Easily look up a Customer’s Past Rental Orders
  • Look up Equipment Status information when a Customer Calls : What job is that asset on now?   When will it become available?
  • Streamline the invoicing by automating the billing calculations—no more counting out days on a calendar!
  • Keep track of which jobs have equipment assignments that have yet to be billed.
  • Look up equipment specifications: Does the unit have the right specifications and features the customer needs?
  • Record well name, LSD, site directions, AFE number, and consultant contact information

When a customer calls, you can easily check whether you have the type of equipment he needs for the date range he needs it. Assuming you do, you can assign those assets to the job immediately, along with the rental rates you agreed upon. You can then create delivery tickets, as well as periodic rental tickets that automate the calculation of rental amounts owing, making your billing a breeze.

Electronic File Cabinet

Quick and Easy Look-ups for:

  • Field Tickets
  • Equipment/Truck Information
  • Employee Payroll Records
  • Customer Contact Information
  • Invoicing History & Status

The software serves as an electronic file cabinet to help you improve your overall organization and efficiency. All your key job information and history, customer contacts, equipment and employee information, field tickets, and invoices are all accessible from one icon on your desktop. Easy access to all your information helps you work faster and smarter and provide more accurate and timely answers to customer questions.

Ticket Management
Equipment Management

Contacts/Employee Management

Predefined Rates

  • Set up Customer or Job-Specific Rates
  • Create Rate Sheets for Standard Rates
  • Charge by the Hour, the Day, the KM, the M3, etc.
  • Rates Auto-fill on Ticket to Minimize Errors

Rates for equipment and labor charge-outs can be set up globally for all customers and jobs, or can be specific to certain divisions of the business, or even certain jobs themselves. Rates can be hourly, by the day, by the kilometer, or by any other basis you may need. Pre-defining your rates can greatly enhance the accuracy and speed of your billing, but does not lock you in – you can always over-ride the rates if you need to.

Streamlined Invoicing Invoice Faster and More Efficiently

Convert tickets into invoices with a simple mouse click, or easily combine multiple tickets together into one invoice! And if you use Simply Accounting, you can post those invoices directly into Simply - no re-keying involved!

Once a field service ticket has been approved, you can click the "Create Invoice" button to convert that ticket into an invoice. Alternatively, you can batch the ticket with several other tickets to create a multi-ticket invoice. It’s that simple!

Furthermore, the invoicing window allows you to easily identify all work tickets that have yet to be invoiced, reducing the risk of missed billings.

Invoice Integration with Simply Accounting

We have recently introduced a direct integration with the invoicing component of Simply Accounting. After you create and finalize an invoice in the Contractor’s Edge for submission to the customer, you can automatically “post” that information directly to Simply Accounting, without even having Simply open, avoiding a need for any data re-entry. That way, you continue to monitor your receivables directly within Simply.

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